Sunshine Drugs


Sunshine Drugs is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information, including your personal health information, obtained because of your customer relationship to us.  Our Privacy Policy reflects the requirements of Canada’s applicable privacy legislation, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, and applicable provincial health legislation along with our own commitment to customer privacy.

Why we collect, use and share your personal information 

We collect, use and share your personal information, including personal health information, for the following purposes:


How information is collected 

We collect information directly from you that you share with us when you contact one of our staff, fill a prescription, purchase products, use our services or contact us through our website or digital applications. We may also collect information indirectly through other people involved in your healthcare. For example, we may collect information:

How information is shared and disclosed 

When we provide you with healthcare services, we may share your personal and personal health information with your healthcare providers when it is necessary for your healthcare. We may share personal information within our organization including our parent company, subsidiaries or related entities in order to manage our business operations or to learn how we may better serve you.  We may share personal information with credit bureaus for credit-related purposes when it is reasonable to do so.  

We use service providers and subcontractors who assist us in our business. We may share your personal information with these service providers and subcontractors when they require the information to assist us in serving you.  We strive to minimize the amount of personal information that we share with service providers and subcontractors and only share the information reasonably necessary to achieve the stated purpose. They are not permitted to use your personal information except as authorized by us and only in compliance with this privacy policy.

We may share personal information with a public authority or other party if, in our reasonable judgement, it appears that there is imminent danger to the life, health or security of an individual which could be avoided or minimized by disclosure of the personal information.

We do not share personal information, including personal health information, without your consent for other purposes unless we are legally required to do so. For example, your personal information may be disclosed to respond to a court order or under a specific statute (e.g. the Coroner’s Act or Adult Guardianship Act).




How Sunshine Drugs ensures that personal information is secure 

We use electronic and paper records to manage and store information efficiently, and to ensure the quality of the services we deliver.

We record your information in our pharmacy management systems, client relationship systems and marketing systems, such as marketing lists and mobile applications.   Your information is stored on premises and/or in an offsite datacenter, and we use automated backups to our offsite datacenter in order to ensure security and availability of information. All locations are treated as secure and accessible only by authorized personnel.

We use a variety of safeguards to protect your electronic information including encryption, passwords and access audits. Best industry practices and protocols for security are implemented and maintained in compliance with Privacy Legislation.

How to make a request to view, correct or remove personal information Sunshine Drugs has collected 

By means of written request to the location at which you received service, you may:

In some situations, you may be able to delete personal information yourself.  For example, you can delete your Sunshine Drugs mobile application by navigating to the “Settings” option of the menu and selecting the “Account” option and then clicking the “Delete Account” link and following the prompts.  This removes the mobile application and the information stored in the application from your device, but does not remove personal information stored in our pharmacy management systems.

If you have further questions about your personal information at Sunshine Drugs, contact our Privacy Officer: .